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Meet the mentors causing vibrations in S.T.E.M & Health Research!

Dilesha Stelmach

STEM Entrepuner

Where did it all begin? Dilesha Stelmach was born Dilesha Williams to two Jamaican Immigrant parents. Her father, a chef and mother, a nurse always emphasized education and social accountability. As such, Dilesha has spent a large amount of her time addressing the biases and barriers to STEM literacy and careers. Dilesha Stelmach is a group benefits underwriter/benefits analyst by trade. She represents the Math branch of STEM. As a social entrepreneur, Dilesha founded and runs the science, technology, engineering & mathematics based not-for-profit, Oui STEM Academy. Dilesha has amassed an amazing networks of STEM warrior that she networks with, providing opportunity and exposure to youth from the communities she serves. Dilesha is an Award winning, world-renowned speaker, author and all around advocate. Her areas of focus are always intersectional and interdisciplinary in a deliberate attempt to reclaim the voice of black womanist thought from patriarchal and colonial narratives and control. Dilesha was not always a STEM Warrior, as a student she was well aware of the opportunities STEM based careers presented but she did not feel connected to the learnings. As a result of these experiences, Dilesha’s life mission has been to present academia in an accessible light. 

Sarah Meteke

Health Researcher


My name is Sarah Meteke and I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario! I studied Biology at the University of Western Ontario and obtained an Masters of Science in Control of Infectious Diseases from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK. Currently, I’m working as a Researcher at the Centre for Global Child Health at the Hospital for Sick Children where I am systematically reviewing the evidence base of public health interventions in conflict settings. I’m also working remotely as a Knowledge Translation Consultant at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands for the MSAFIRI (“Understanding HIV Transmission in African and Caribbean Black (ACB) communities following arrival in Canada”) cohort study. Overall, I’m interested in topics that thematically tie into infection control and global health policy, with a strong passion for promoting health awareness, education, and equity. Outside of work, you could usually find me exploring new restaurants in the city with friends, or attending concerts or art shows in Toronto’s bustling creative scene!

Vitumbiko Mhango

Registered Professional Planner

Vitumbiko Mhango is a Registered Professional Planner and full Member of the Canadian Institute of Planning, currently working as a Planner within the Parks Development and Capital Projects Branch of the City of Toronto. Ms. Mhango is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning, with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Honours Planning and is pursuing a Masters of Planning from the University of Waterloo. Vitumbiko possesses planning experience working in the private and public sectors, and is passionate about using her career to positively contribute to community-building and creating a good quality of life. Vitumbiko is dedicated to providing others with support to excel in their careers and as individuals. In her free time, you can find Vitumbiko baking and cheering on the Raptors!

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