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Vivian Ntiri



Vivian Ntiri is a Litigation Associate in the Toronto office of McCarthy Tétrault LLP, a national Canadian law firm. She maintains a general litigation practice which includes commercial litigation and medical malpractice. She received her JD from the Canadian and American Dual JD Program at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, where she graduated with Latin honours. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from McMaster University in Earth and Environmental Science (concentration in aqueous environmental biochemistry), and a minor in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Vivian was called to the Ontario bar and the New York bar in 2018 and is licensed to practice in both jurisdictions. After taking a course on environmental law and policy in her third year of her undergraduate studies, Vivian realized practicing law would allow her to develop and exercise her problem-solving and communication skills and eventually move to an international setting. She has a keen interest in finding practical solutions for complex issues, particularly those that intersect with mining, natural resources, and technology. She also enjoys constantly learning about new concepts and has strong passion for advocacy, which are essential to the practice of law. She hopes to set up a transnational legal practice in West Africa and North America in the future. In her spare time, Vivian enjoys reading, watching movies, singing, writing poetry, and cooking. 

Tonya Kent


I am a young lawyer that is 34 years old. I practice criminal law all over the GTA at a downtown Toronto office. I attended York University and went to law school all the way in Saskatchewan at the University of Saskatchewan. I do a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira, and although I have been unable to go as often due to work, I still enjoy it. I enjoy relaxing evenings and have no issue with meeting up at a nice restaurant or taking advantage of half price wings, or just simply meeting at a Starbucks. I am flexible with location, as I travel around the city for work a lot anyway and understand that transit is a mode of transportation a lot of young people and need flexibility so that meetings are accessible. I am passionate about reproductive justice and I am a member of the board at an abortion clinic as well as belong to the Criminal Lawyers’ Association of Ontario as a member of both the women’s committee and the recent call committee. In regards to the type of support I hope to give, I would be available by text and email mostly, but phone calls in the evenings or if you just simply tell me you need a phone call to talk about school and the path you want to take, work advice and how to deal with difficult situations, discussions about micro aggressions and racism in your environment and how to cope, how to mold your volunteer and work experiences into a career you want, assistance (with notice) with school or employment applications and what kinds of things you should be mentioning, or even just some life advice if you feel comfortable with sharing such aspects of your life with me.

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