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Shantel Myers 



I am a self-proclaimed multifaceted butterfly. I’m super adaptable and comfortable in all environments and I embrace spontaneity thoroughly. My purpose is to help others find self-confidence through accepting their natural beauty & talents and seeing all life experiences as lessons and stepping stones for their future. I did not always have a strong sense of self. I only discovered it 2 years ago. I’ve been bullied my entire life; even to this day I am constantly directly and indirectly body shamed. I’ve overcome heartache, a failed engagement, abandonment etc. but I deal with them through writing, music, being apart of the POC (people of colour) art community in Toronto and giving back through mentorship. As your mentor, we will focus on solidifying your inner self so you can have a strong foundation no matter what happens in the outside world.

Mariah Giscombe

Strategic Business Advisor & Personal Empowerment Coach


Mariah inspires and motivates people into action.  Her professional background includes 9 years of experience as a strategic business advisor and personal empowerment coach, and most recently a transition into youth job development.  She has an honours degree in Sociology from York University, postgraduate education in strategic business management & business administration, and considers herself to be a lifelong learner. Her personal story is one of having to overcome insurmountable odds to create a life of happiness and purpose, so Mariah has made it her personal and professional mission to help other women to do the same.  She resides in Toronto with her teen daughter, who is her greatest motivation.

Bianca LC

Entrepreneur, Creative Consultant, & Product Strategist 

Bianca LC is an experienced product strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in purpose-led branding, creative strategy, entrepreneurship, she leads an all-female team. While completing her undergrad, her work has straddled both designing for empowerment of community through design, and consulting design strategy on projects within the commercial music industry. In the last 5 years, she has brand consulted and designed for institutions between Toronto and New York. She considers design a pro-social tool, creating limitless opportunities to shift and challenge barriers. She is a graduate of OCAD University with her Bachelor of Design in Advertising. She’s always down for tea.

Melika Hope

Accountant & Product Manager

Melika Hope is the Head of Product Management for the Small Business & Self Employed Group at Intuit Canada, where she and her team build innovations to help business owners thrive and succeed. After studying classical piano and opera at Western University, she attended the Richard Ivey School of Business and received a degree in Business Administration. She worked at accounting firm RSM Richter for several years, where she gained her Chartered Accountant designation and led teams auditing companies primarily in the manufacturing and construction industries. She then pivoted to tech and product management at CaseWare International, before moving to manage the QuickBooks Online products at Intuit Canada.

Outside of work, Melika likes to stay busy with a variety of passions and hobbies. She continues to play the piano and sings, performing within the GTA. She is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and has a small part time business training clients in addition to competing in powerlifting at the national level. She loves to travel, and is a huge Raptors fan. The daughter of an Antiguan immigrant and an 8th-generation Canadian, she has grown used to being the ‘other’ in different spaces and is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, particularly in professional environments. She is the global co-chair for Intuit’s African Ancestry Network, and has extensive experience in providing mentorship and support to young women of colour.

Ijenna Ndukwe

Project Management & Business Consultant

Ijenna Ndukwe is project management professional with a decade of both private and public sector experience in business transformation.  Ijenna holds a Bachelor in Arts from University of Waterloo and has a works as a Business Consultant with the City of Toronto.  Ijenna is devoted to poverty reduction and service system improvement to better the lives of the City’s most vulnerable.

As a strong believer in the systematic change to improve diversity and the power of collaboration in the workplace and in the community, Ijenna has worked to lead change in her past role as a diversity champion at CIBC, her current tenure as well as her and support of the City’s Anti-Black Racism and Equity Lens initiatives.

Ijenna credits her most important job as being a devoted mom to her 4-year old son and an example to her family, friends, community and the diaspora of the importance to pushing the status quo and leading positive disruption to make a difference.

Dilesha Stelmach

STEM Entrepreneur

Where did it all begin? Dilesha Stelmach was born Dilesha Williams to two Jamaican Immigrant parents. Her father, a chef and mother, a nurse always emphasized education and social accountability. As such, Dilesha has spent a large amount of her time addressing the biases and barriers to STEM literacy and careers. Dilesha Stelmach is a group benefits underwriter/benefits analyst by trade. She represents the Math branch of STEM. As a social entrepreneur, Dilesha founded and runs the science, technology, engineering & mathematics based not-for-profit, Oui STEM Academy. Dilesha has amassed an amazing networks of STEM warrior that she networks with, providing opportunity and exposure to youth from the communities she serves. Dilesha is an Award winning, world-renowned speaker, author and all around advocate. Her areas of focus are always intersectional and interdisciplinary in a deliberate attempt to reclaim the voice of black womanist thought from patriarchal and colonial narratives and control. Dilesha was not always a STEM Warrior, as a student she was well aware of the opportunities STEM based careers presented but she did not feel connected to the learnings. As a result of these experiences, Dilesha’s life mission has been to present academia in an accessible light. 

Vitumbiko Mhango

Registered Professional Planner

Vitumbiko Mhango is a Registered Professional Planner and full Member of the Canadian Institute of Planning, currently working as a Planner within the Parks Development and Capital Projects Branch of the City of Toronto. Ms. Mhango is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning, with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Honours Planning and is pursuing a Masters of Planning from the University of Waterloo. Vitumbiko possesses planning experience working in the private and public sectors, and is passionate about using her career to positively contribute to community-building and creating a good quality of life. Vitumbiko is dedicated to providing others with support to excel in their careers and as individuals. In her free time, you can find Vitumbiko baking and cheering on the Raptors!

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