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Bee Quammie 

Writer & Artist


As a multimedia storyteller, I love sharing stories in different mediums. I’m a writer, with bylines in publications like FLARE, Macleans, Chatelaine, EBONY, ByBlacks, the Globe and Mail, and more. I’m a copywriter, working with brands and businesses to help craft messages on their websites and social media. I’m a blogger, with 2 blogs: ’83 To Infinityand The Brown Suga Mama. I’m a media commentator, featured on shows like CBC’s The NationalGlobal News Radio’s Kultur’d Show, and more.  My mission with the majority of my work is to be the woman I wish I could have seen, and write the stories I wish I could have read, when I was younger—and giving back by being that for my two baby girls and all the other younger Black girls coming up now. I’ve figured out my work path on my own—I graduated from Western with a degree in Health Sciences, but my writing and media work has been all on my own. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and experienced with the mentees so that I can help you grow and go even further in your careers and lives overall. 

Flower Pryce 

Creative Artist 


Being the eldest girl of 7 children Flower Pryce was always the one to lend a helping hand. As a public figure in the media and entertainment world, Flowers past has not always been a bed of roses. Coming from the inner city, Flower grow up in a community where they said there was no hope for a brighter future, no success just failure, jail, pregnancy, drop outs, lack of education, and depression.  Nothing was further than the truth when Flower discovered there was more to life than just the area she grew up in. Eventually getting out on her own she soon realized that there was so much more to life than what she knew. Learning about life going through many obstacles from abuse, financial struggles, education, the opposite sex, lies, and countless other lessons, Flower made her way to the other side of bad times and so can you. Flower can and will be the voice of reason, understanding, and relate ability, a figure of hope while always keeping it real in a fashionable positive manner. “I will be there for you if you need me to talk, or simply just to listen”. You want to go fast go alone, you want to go far go together.

Adjoa Winful

Blogger & Executive Master of Business  


I am a Canadian born Ghanaian, Torontonian to the core.  However, I had the opportunity to grow up in Ottawa and in Accra Ghana. I had the opportunity to have short stints in the UK and the US. After I graduated from Carleton University, I felt that it was important for me to explore what the world had to offer. As soon as I graduated the very next day I was on a plane to Ghana. I had the opportunity to work in various fields and pursued an International Executive MBA. After moving back to Canada, I worked for the Bank of Montreal and then after two years I was laid off due to cut backs, I also went through a short trying period and focused my attention on blogging and would blog on a weekly basis, sharing my struggles in a humorous manner and making it relatable to my readers.  I worked at a Wine merchant and then eventually got a Job with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Organization.I am passionate, about blogging especially my experiences and I am currently working on a podcast with a friend which we will talk about every day issues especially issues women’s issues and things relating to women of colour. I enjoy cooking, I love to travel, I am a big foodie and my friends, and I like to go around the city trying different restaurants. I also love to laugh and believe laughter is good for the soul as cliché as it sounds.I will help my mentee by being open and honest and sharing my journey with them. Encouraging them when they feel like they seem like giving up. My life has been a life of where there were moments to give up but realized that my story, my journey someone was relying on it to keep going and have faith that life is molding you to be the person you are meant to be. 


Author & Inspirational Speaker 

Kamshuka is an author, international speaker & certified life coach. Recognized as one of Canada’s Women making History on CBC’s Up Close & Personal.  An award winning entrepreneur, speaker & influential leader in our community and amongst our youth. Inspired, elevated & deep conversations surround her forums to disrupt patterns, change mindsets & bring out the magic and warrior within you. A war child survivor of the Ugandan Civil War, she has overcome many obstacles including mental illness, ptsd, sexual abuse and life’s circumstances. In 2016 Kamshuka was recognized by her people in Uganda on the national network of NTV as an Empowered Woman of Power. Her passion to bring healing as she heals is driven by her story: an unconventional artist expressing her thoughts and interpreting life through her expression of art in the form of photography and writing.An advocate against human trafficking after traveling to the city of Calcutta, India, to rescue woman & young girls sold into sex slavery. She had worked with many different diverse groups and ethnicities. Author of the book “Becoming Warrior” she believes there are no limitations except that of the mind. Her Motivational talks have created uplifting presentations on Self-confidence, Perseverance, Faith and our Mental attitudes, challenging her audience to Live Full & Die Empty. This mother of 4 known as The Warrior Queen allow me to introduce you to Kamshuka. To find out more about Kamshuka, visit her website

Nikkita Holder



My parents gave me the name Nikkita which means “victorious/unconquered.” I am not your average woman; I am a black woman, two-time Olympian, International medalist in the 100 meter hurdles and a single mom.  I am passionate about learning how to live my truths and inspiring others to live theirs – beautiful things are never perfect.“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

Camile Dundas

Journalist, Consultant, & Business Owner


I spent almost 10 years working as a journalist in national television news in Ottawa and Toronto. I’ve worked for CBC National New, CityTV News, CTV News and CP24 Toronto. In 2017, I wanted a change so I moved to the social media management company, Hootsuite, where I work as a solutions consultant. Now I get to travel North America teaching and learning about how social media is impacting how we live and do business. I’m also the editor-in-chief of online magazine; a company I co-founded with my husband. In this role, I’m able to pursue the passion I most enjoy; highlighting everyday excellence among Black Canadians. And best of all, I get to mentor younger writers who are starting out their journalism careers. On a personal note, my family immigrated to Canada from Trinidad when I was just a toddler. I lived in Toronto until I was 12. I spent my teenage life growing up in St. Lucia and returned to Canada when I was 21 to attend journalism school at Carleton University in Ottawa.  My success wasn’t built overnight, and my journey has certainly had some very low moments. But through it all, I’ve been resilient and dedicated to never losing sight of my dreams. It has been Black women who’ve shown up for me in those moments, and I owe all my opportunities to them. I hope through this mentorship program, I can do the same for you.

Emily Mills

Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker 

Connecting people is a life-long passion for Emily Mills, an award-winning senior communicator, public speaker and the founder of How She Hustles. Eight years ago, Emily founded How She Hustles, a vibrant network that connects diverse women through social media and special events in Toronto. Her buzz-worthy women’s brunches, panels and networking events have consistently sold-out and trended on Twitter, with up to 400 guests from Olympians to CEOs. Emily became a full-time entrepreneur this year after leaving her full-time role as a senior communications strategist at one of the largest media companies in Canada. She worked at CBC from 2010 until 2018, organizing high-impact special events, negotiating sponsorships and partnerships, developing outreach strategies to connect with diverse communities, working directly with TV and radio personalities, and crafting communications plans for top-rated programs including Metro Morning with Matt Galloway. Emily is the proud creator of HERstory in Black, a digital photo series of 150 inspiring black women that earned the attention of the Prime Minister on social media, national media coverage, and was the subject of a 1-hour TV documentary. She successfully launched the project through How She Hustles, then pitched an unique collaboration with her former employer. For her leadership with an innovative team, Emily was named a 2017 CBC President’s Award winner – the top recognition for employees at Canada’s national public broadcaster.

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